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Healing Hands Chiropractic Gulfport MS
2413 14th St Gulfport MS 39501
Welcome to Healing Hands Chiropractic Clinic!
Located at 2413 14th St. in Downtown Gulfport MS
Adam Heidingsfelder  D.C.
Pain is like our body's "check engine" light. It tells us that something is wrong (tissue damage has occurred). Don't ignore it by taking pain killers. Pain may not be a "big deal" but your body obviously thinks its important enough to tell you about it.
Our chiropractic practice diagnoses and treats many bio-mechanical problems. Our office is one of Gulfport's most comprehensive manual care clinics. Think you may need more than a chiropractic adjustment? Most treatment plans consist of several multi-angle treatments: soft tissue work, exercise, decompression, and other research based rehabilitation protocols.
Our goal is not only to reduce and relieve pain and other symptoms, but to correct the underlying problems that may have gone overlooked. Modern manual medicine and chiropractic have allowed us to lead more active lives, live pain free for longer, athletes to push harder, and prevent symptoms from returning. Don't hesitate to give your health a priority. Because of our calming, low pressure, friendly atmosphere, patients leave our office relaxed and feeling better than when they arrived.
You can find us in downtown Gulfport Mississippi, just minutes from Pass Christian, and Long Beach MS.

Healing Hands Chiropractic  2413 14th. St. Gulfport MS 39501
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