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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

What is your new patient procedure?

Good Chiropractors do everything in their power to help relieve their patient’s back pain or sciatica as fast as possible with as few treatments as necessary.  Doctors of Chiropractic also give advice on how to avoid future episodes of back pain. Here’s some of what to expect at the first chiropractic visit.

During the initial visit, the Chiropractor will complete a thorough consultation lasting several minutes.   
Dr. Heidingsfelder will take a complete medical history and identify problem areas to be addressed during treatment. He will want to know about your pain, if any, where it is located, when the pain started, and what activities improve or exacerbate the pain.

Your blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and reflexes may be assessed. Depending on your specific situation, he may refer you for X-rays and/or refer you to have an MRI scan or other diagnostic tests.   

The physical examination will generally include observation of posture and range of motion and palpation of muscles, joint movement, and soft tissues.  

Next, you will be given a diagnosis at the report of findings.  You will then have the time to ask the doctor more detailed questions about your particular situation.  Dr. Heidingsfelder will also discuss a treatment plan on how to correct or treat the diagnosed problem. If the problem cannot be treated with chiropractic care, you will be thoughtfully directed to an appropriate provider.

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